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Custom 7 string guitar

Grant's 7 string materials

Grant’s 7 string materials

The start of my latest commission is the selection of materials.  This is an order for a custom 7 string guitar in my C900 cedar top classical format.

Grant's scarf joint facing

Grant’s scarf joint facing

The joint between the headstock and neck is a scarf joint; a predetermined angle is set by cutting and facing two wedge shaped surfaces and mating them together, under very close tolerance, to provide a strong and nearly invisible bond line.


Grant's 7 string headstock

Grant’s 7 string headstock

As shown, the 7 string headstock is asymmetrical, allowing a 4 barrel machine head on the bass side, and the standard 3 barrel on the treble.  Accordingly the headstock is 35mm longer which is the standard barrel spacing.  This neck is also wider to allow for the 7th string at standard string spacings.

Grant's 7 string neck block shaping

Grant’s 7 string neck block shaping

This is the “roughed out” neck block, which is an adaption of a Spanish style construction, unique to my C900 model guitars.  To achieve this shaping I need to use my old but solid overhead router and a few purpose made jigs.  Eventually this will be smoothed out and shaped by hand and finished with lacquer.

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