Hamish Strathdee (Cedar C900 2013)




Campbell Ross (Spruce C600 2011)

(Spruce C500 2013)


I am fortunate to have my guitars well represented at the University of Queensland.  The students are a great resource for a luthier who can see his guitars played live locally.  Most of these videos are with spruce top C900 guitars, except for Ben who has a Cedar top version.


The Rosa Guitar Trio featuring UQ students.  This entry won second place for the Adelaide festival “15 minutes of fame”.  Well done!


Nikos Karsarakis –

Soloist and Professor of Classical Guitar (early Cedar C600)



Veronique van Durrling (Cedar C600 2005)


Binh Le Thanh (Cedar C900 2009)


Nguyen Tri Doan and Tran Hoai Phuong (Cedar C600 2005 on left)


Jackson Payne (Cedar C900 2003)


Lincoln Brady (Cedar C400 & C900 2012)


Victor Matthews (Cedar C900 2008)