Reviews and Testimonials


A review by Nicole Rogers


Testimonial by Matthew Marshall

Lance Litchfield’s guitars are superb instruments; exceptionally well crafted and with a quality and refinement of sound that sets them apart from the others. They have an enviable purity and clarity of tone combined with a warmth and sweetness throughout all registers as well as tremendous projection. It’s a real pleasure and privilege to play Lance’s guitars in concert.

Matthew Marshall

Professor of Music & Dean of Arts & Social Sciences,

Southern Cross University Australia


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Testimonial by Patrick Shearer

I got the support last week, thanks very much. I’ve been using it since and can’t say enough about how fantastic it is! It absolutely allows me to focus on playing, and it’s amazing to finish a practice session and feel like a human being. With a footstool I always felt cramped and lopsided, but with the support I can sit properly, I can actually breathe freely while I’m using it and there’s so much less tension in my hands. Adjustment was a breeze, and now that I’ve got it set up the way I like, it really feels like part of the guitar. I’ve also found that because there’s less tension and the whole of the guitar is easily accessible, I’m playing pieces that I know more expressively and enjoying it more.

Here is Nick using one of my supports – with the longest arm length available at 9″