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Welcome to Grigory Novikov from Litchfield Guitars

Grigory, his wife Olga, and his home country of Russia are not only very photogenic, but also share a passion for classical guitar.   Grigory is an internationally renowned and award winning concert performer.  He is also director of Matyaev's International Guitar Festival in Kirov (Russia).  I am pleased to say he has used his new Litchfield guitar in the recording of his new CD and has concerts already planned. If you are interested in learning more about Grigory, he has a website under construction at:      


Tops are on, a milestone for the build

This is a milestone for the build process, when the completion of the body chamber allows the maker to get a feel, or sense the nature of the instrument.  It's the first real peek into the colour of the sound IMO.  Tapping the top lightly in strategic places brings to life some interesting responses.  I can even notice a marked change in tone after the first day or two of the top being glued in place.  I am not sure why this is so, whether it is to do with glue cure, or some kind of settling in or equilibrium with the body.  It seems to improve with sustain and range of overtones increasing.      


Backs are on, tops to follow

Some more photos for a few clients. The backs are on and all interior work on the body is done before I assemble tops. All of these are the C900 model. The other, perhaps more interesting photo is an example of workshop wildlife. Wonderful what crawls into my workspace...Upper Brookfield is known for such fluffy warm Death Adders, and Eastern Brown snakes..